Welcome to Artists United. We are an action group composed of artists and graphic designers from around the world. Formed in 2013 as a response to growing amounts of art theft and illegal censorship of original artworks we have quickly grown to be one of the largest art related action groups in the world composed entirely of those who actually create what you see or buy online!


Currently we are engaging in information gathering against a number of high-profile websites – including Amazon, TeeChip, ViralStyle, TeeSpring, and Rakuten – in preparation for legal action to force these sites to abide by all aspects of US DMCA Law, or to forfeit their “Safe Harbor” status if they fail to do so.


Are you an artist or designer:


Have you had your works stolen and illegally sold online? Have you had your art removed from sites due to DMCA Notices by sites who then actively avoid complying with DMCA Counter-Claims? Then you should probably join us!